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F I N D I N G   T R U E   SE L F   R E T R E A T

Take back yourself & Live as Yourself

Shimsung (Finding True Self)

Our Finding True Self Retreat opens a spiritual journey to uncover who you truly are. You will peel back the layers of your life to look at the belief systems driving your subconscious thoughts and actions. You will recover your true authentic self, learning to make yourself a priority once more. The retreat will help you to live a happier, more authentic life and truly open your heart to all possibilities.

Program Description
Day 1: FEELING WHO YOU TRULY AREThe program begins with a welcome and an overview of the retreat schedule. At theconclusion of the overview, this is your opportunity to relax and take time foryourself.

Day 2: RECONNECT WITH YOUR HEART, BODY & PURPOSEWe will focus on heart-opening training for reflection and emotional release, chakraclearing to let go of the past, and tapping into self-love to build confidence. We willfocus on meditation to intentionally create the future by answering the question.

You’ll learn how to raise your awareness and become fully present with your body throughout the training. You’ll free yourself from stagnant memories and experience the benefits of a harmonized body, a fully opened heart, and you, at your highest level of consciousness.

Retreat Objectives
Awaken your bright consciousness.
Discover your authentic self.
Heal emotionally with sound therapy.
Releasing and healing from trauma.
Recognize negative beliefs and patterns.
Connect with a like-minded group of people.

Program Inclusions

  • All activities

  • 1 nights accommodation

  • Please bring your own meals. 


Haruru Falls Retreat

( Bottom of Old Wharf Road Haruru Falls, Paihia 0204 )


Contact or call 027 535 3377 to reserve your place.

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