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Welcome to Earth Village's Activities Page. Immerse yourself in transformative experiences that blend nature and self-discovery. From the meditative 120 Steps to the aromatic Bird of Soul Garden, each activity is a step towards empowerment and balance. Explore our offerings and begin your journey of personal growth today.

120 Steps

The 120 Steps walking track experience is an opportunity to meditate, reflect on your past, slowly and deeply clear the unimportant thoughts from your mind, recover balance to the zero point and empower you to begin your journey towards creating your new future. Create your own life, one that makes you feel complete, whole, and without regrets. Located at the top of the 120 Steps Walking Track is the Chun Hwa Deck, which symbolizes the ‘Place of Completion’. You can feel the connection of your true self and to earth. Human beings are undeniably born with a destiny; however, one can change and create one’s destiny as much as one wants. It is the person who encounters his or her own, true value, chooses and puts into practice his or her own dreams and visions. Such a person can create and complete their destiny. If you truly wish, you can meet your true self on the 120 Steps Walking Track. It is the “120 steps of soul perfection” to feel, meet and find a new path and direction for one’s life.



Our Bird of Soul Garden which is a small herb garden that surrounds a circular meditation platform is based on the book and essential oil called “Bird of the Soul”. This picture book was written by Ilchi Lee to teach children about the ‘human soul’. The essential oil blends 17 different plants that help make it easier for beginners to focus on meditation. 

The herb garden contains the same 17 plant species as this essential oil. The moment you wind your way through the short walking track and pass through the round gate a new world will open up to you. The mindfulness exercises that you will learn will help you to stimulate your mind; balance your 7 Chakras, and find the natural peace and harmony that you were born with.


Chun Hwa Falls and River Walks - AWAKEN YOUR INNER WISDOM

There are three waterfalls and three meditation platforms on this walk. They were designed by people who span the youth, mature and older age life stages. Each of the three waterfalls has a different sound. The healing sound of water symbolizes a stage of life – passion, maturity, personal, and perfection. Chun Hwa Falls is a place to purify your energy and listen to the sound of the water release emotions and recharge new energy. 

This is the place that you should visit when you want to awaken your spirit, envision your dream, and receive inspiration about how to move forward in life. Chun means ‘Heaven’, Hwa means ‘Becoming’ and together it means ‘Soul Completion’. Awaken the connection of your true self with Mother Earth, Heaven, and the Universe. The idea is that the earth and I are one, and we are all of the same life.


The way of new life - WHERE NEW DREAMS BEGIN

There’s a place in the forest where you can breathe the forest. Be fed by and discover yourself on this walking trail through native forest. It is a perfect place to listen to the voices of the birds; follow the gentle contours of the land till you feel the release of old emotions and energy. Let the natural harmony within your body become one with nature. There are ten species of trees, the most phytoncide-producing trees on the planet, are found in large colonies here.

A botanical expert who visited the site was astonished to see the walking trail and said that all ten of the world’s most phytoncide-emitting plants are here. Phytoncide is a natural antibacterial substance that trees emit to protect themselves from pests and diseases, and is the best natural substance for stress relief, cardiopulmonary support and fungicidal effects. In this primeval forest, a variety of trees, and wild birds, live together in harmony to create themselves. We receive great wisdom from the way one tree grows another life, accepting and embracing it.

E A R T H   V I L L A G E   P R O G R A M S

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