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Longevity School: Can You Slow Down Aging?

Can you halt the aging process? Probably not. Can you, however, decelerate its pace? Yes, indeed. What distinguishes those who age rapidly from those who do so more gradually? There exist secrets to maintaining youthfulness and health.

Renowned meditation expert, Ilchi Lee, proposes that you join him on a journey towards a 120-year lifespan. He asserts, "Our departure from this earth is uncertain and beyond our control. Yet, the choice to maintain youthfulness and health during our time here is ours to make. I've committed to living 120 years because I aspire to retain vitality until my final moments. I view it as my duty to nurture my body."

For over 40 years, Ilchi Lee has explored various dietary, exercise, and mental strategies to preserve his health, happiness, youthfulness, and peace. Now, he shares his expertise through the Longevity School.

During this 4-night, 5-day program, we imparts his insights to all participants, fostering health, happiness, youthfulness, and peace. The curriculum includes practices such as Longevity Walking, which enhances daily physical activity for better health, and Qi Gong, an excellent exercise modality for aging bodies. Additionally, it covers self-awareness and self-healing techniques, empowering individuals to address minor symptoms in their daily lives without frequent visits to doctors, under the belief that they are the best stewards of their own bodies.

Activities over these 5 days encompass physical exercises like Qi Gong, forest and outdoor walks, as well as indoor healing practices. Participants will cultivate habits conducive to maintaining youthfulness and vitality.


Our Longevity Guide


After much searching and mind-body training, Ilchi eventually found his answers through a regimen of fasting without sleeping while meditating in the mountains. On the twenty-first day, he realized his true nature—oneness with the universe: cosmic energy and cosmic mind. Through this profound realization, Ilchi Lee discovered his essential value and life purpose—helping people find their true nature in easy and attainable ways.

Ilchi Lee systematized the techniques he taught into a five-step method called Brain Education, which emphasizes the brain's importance in experiencing self-worth and discovering one’s life purpose. This system helps individuals fully utilize their brains to create health, happiness, and peace.He has practiced the longevity lifestyle himself for over 10 years now and shares the wisdom and realizations he gained during that time.




You will be staying at Earth Village for all six nights. Earth Village is a 386-acre (156ha) block of native New Zealand Forest and pines located on the edge of the Puketi Forest near Kerikeri. Earth Village is an amazing natural landscape with tranquil spaces, walking tracks, meditation platforms and gardens designed to awaken the senses, calm your mind and invigorate your body. Earth Village is the perfect the place to reinvigorate and reconnect with oneself and the environment.




Earth Village has shared bathroom facilities. There are three cabins that are designated bathroom and shower cabins.



Earth Village provides top quality vegan meals with organic ingredients.



We do have a 6-seater vehicle available to conduct transfers.






Forest Walking

Plant Based Cooking Workshop

Hot Sauna & Cold Tub Experience



We require a minimum number of 6 people to deliver this Retreat. Please note that there are a limited number of cabins available so bookings are taken on a first in first serve basis. If we do not proceed due to not meeting our minimum number then we can process a 100% refund or move your booking to the next available date.



$5000 pp



Design yourself, Design your life 

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