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C H A K R A    H E A L I N G

Gwang Myung Arrow Training

Gwang Myung Arrow  Chakra Healing Training with Ilchi Lee

Welcome to Gwangmyung Arrow Training. "Gwangmyung" translates to "Brightness." This training program is specifically designed to activate all of your chakras, beginning with the 1st and 2nd chakras.

The primary training session spans 2 hours and will be conducted by the founder of Brain Education, Ilchi Lee. During the main training, participants will have the opportunity to open all their chakras, leading to an experience of complete openness and brightness.

This is a very popular program, with over 5000 participants from all over the world since it started 4 years ago during the COVID era.

There is a 21-day pre- and post-training conducted through live online sessions via Zoom. Recorded sessions will also be available for participants unable to attend the live sessions.

Fee: $1200

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