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What is Hwangchil?

The Healing Tree, Hwangchil

The Hwangchil tree is a subtropical, broad-leaved evergreen whose scientific name is Dendropanax morbifera Leveille (Family: Araliaceae). “Dendro” means “tree” and “panax” means “panacea” or “cure all disease.” It is a plant used in ancient times for its natural healing power. The properties of Hwangchil are unique and help to stabilize our physical, emotional, and mental health.

The Hwangchil has a distinct aroma that quickly changes the energy of the body including calming the mind. According to research, Hwangchil strengthens the functions of the liver, making it excellent for detoxification and fatigue recovery and is rich with sulphated components, which helps to slow the aging process. It’s also highly effective for relieving insomnia since it stabilises the mind, and it promotes healthy bones and gums. In a recent clinical trial, it reduced cholesterol, clearing the blood and promoting circulation. In addition to promoting circulation, Hwangchil keeps the body warm and activates the metabolism, which helps the immune system reach its optimal state.

Ilchi Lee has dedicated lots of time over the last several years researching the benefits and opportunities of Hwangchil. He found the greatest authorities on Hwangchil research in South Korea and undertook learning everything he could about the plant. Whenever he had time, he went into the mountains to search for Hwangchil trees and also participated in many experiments including eating the leaves, roots, stems and applying the sap to his skin. He found that very close cousins of the Hwangchil could also be found in New Zealand, Japan and Hawaii and that in some cultures while the Hwangchil was a popular ornamental or garden tree there was no or little awareness of its medicinal properties.

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Hwangchil Farm

The more his interest in Hwangchil grows the more he becomes spellbound by its infinite effects and so he compares Hwangchil to that of the brain. If we are not aware of its value, we will never experience the full extent of its mysterious power. If you make good use of your brain, you can discover its inexhaustible treasures and infinite potential and if you don’t then your creativity is stifled and confined.

Hwangchil is a blessing that nature has bestowed upon us. Ilchi Lee has a dream and that dream is to share the natural healing power and benefits of Hwangchil with the world. His opinion is that Hwangchil in conjunction with his globally recognized Brain Education Training Method will help people to recover their true potential and in turn create positive change for the planet.

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