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D I S C O V E R   H U M A N I T Y   R E T R E A T

Reconnect with your Humanity in Nature


Discover Humanity Retreat

Ancient energy practices and principles from 10,000 years ago told us that human beings, nature and all living things are all One. It said that the abundance of energy all around us is also within and that the key to healing ourselves already exists within us.

In the natural beauty of Earth Village, where we will utilize the abundance of energy to unlock the power centres within you. You will gain the essential tools to awaken the limitless potentials of your power centres and recover the natural health of your body, mind, and spirit from the ancient energy principles called “Water Up Fire Down”.

Become a Conscious Creator of Your Life

Are your thoughts, emotions, and body helping you to create what you want in life? What do you do when your life situations get tough, get stressed out, and get emotionally wounded? Instead of reacting to the situations and circumstances around you, you can become aware of what is
happening within you, develop the inner power to observe yourself, choose to release emotions, thoughts, and habits that are not serving you, and make new choices and new lifestyles.

Come Home to Yourself

As you learn how to tap into your inner power and create the energy flowing in your body, you will naturally gain confidence and trust in yourself. You will naturally be able to express your truest nature as well as be
authentic and loving to yourself and others.

Program Details

1st Step - Awakening the Senses of the Brain

Living in a state of constant tension, we often carry the burden of stress without even realizing it. This perpetual strain affects our daily lives, causing issues like shoulder tension, headaches, insomnia, low energy levels, a weakened immune system, and even chronic pain in the long run.
In this step, we focus on heightening our awareness of our body’s condition. We reconnect with our bodies and rediscover our ability to recognize not just physical tension but also the emotions buried deep within us.

2nd Step - Enhancing Brain Flexibility (+ Awakening the Senses of the Brain)

After awakening the sense of body regulation in the first step, the second step involves releasing our own tensions and emotions. It is a process where the heavy body and mind become lighter through stretching and breathing exercises.

3rd Step - Brain Purification

The third stage focuses on restoring our original energy. Up until now, holding onto tension and emotions has unknowingly depleted a significant amount of our energy, pushing us towards burnout. Through this process, the weight of heavy energy and emotions naturally dissipates, making room for fresh and revitalizing energy to emerge. Negative thoughts, such as self-doubt,
self-pity, and resentment towards others or situations, fade away, allowing us to recover and adopt a positive mindset. This process embodies the authentic essence of a person, as we return to a state of nature and reclaim our original selves.

4th Step - Brain Integration

What drives us forward are our goals and visions. The reason setting new goals and visions was challenging was due to our weary bodies and minds. However, with renewed energy and a fresh perspective, we can establish truly desired and positive visions.
Firstly, we can set a vision for our own health.
Secondly, we can set a vision for a happy family life.
Thirdly, we can set a vision to create the community of our dreams.
Through this step, we discover our newfound values.

5th Step - Becoming the Master of the Brain

The core of the fifth step is transforming our lives. To become the master of our brain, changing our environment is essential. This process includes altering the environment of our body, home, and workplace.

The Forest Healing Retreat Qi gong, Meditation and Brain Education Program: 2-night Earth Village Cabin Stay

Meal Options:
All meals are Vegan and prepared offsite by our private caterer with homegrown 100% organic vegetables. The following meals are available to order. We recommend you bring your own breakfast. You can also
bring your food for the whole retreat.


Your Retreat Contact
To make a booking or for more information please contact
Sooah the Retreat Director
M: 027 535 3377

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