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Healing Chakra


The chakras are the seven key energy centers of our body. When all seven chakras are active and functioning optimally, we live a life of physical, mental, and spiritual health. Healing Chakras combines a deep underlying spiritual philosophy with a systemic chakra therapy method designed to activate, cleanse, balance, and integrate the individual Chakras in order to create a harmonious and holistic chakra system.


One of several factors that separate this book from other chakra healing books is that the principles behind it are derived from the Chun Bu Kyung, or “Heavenly Code,” a 9,000-year-old sacred scripture of Korean-Asian tradition. Within its short 81-letter text, the Chun Bu Kyung summarizes the eternal, universal truths about life, death, evolution, and completion.


Also unique to Healing Chakras are 45-minutes of audio chakra meditations, some involving chakra colours, as well as other energy sensitizing and activating exercises. It includes guided meditation music performed by the author himself using only instruments with natural sounds such as the wooden flute, rain stick, Indian drums, and vibraphone, among others.


Healing Chakras will enhance your physical and spiritual growth for years to come.


Through this chakra therapy system you will:


Improve your clarity of thought and concentration
Balance and stabilize your emotions and achieve inner peace
Uncover your passion and compassion
Reduce stress and anxiety and create a feeling of groundedness.


  • 192 pages, Full-color

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