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– All ingredients safe EWG green grade. No harmful ingredients added 

– Naturally derived surfactants. Coconut. Palm oil. 

– Natural-derived emulsifier. olive oil 

– Naturally derived. Rosemary. Lavender.Cented geranium 

– Natural-derived moisturizing and sedation. Betaine. Allantoin.Depropylene glycol.Fennel.Artemisia. Korean dendropanax fermentation protects  


Get rid of excess sebum waste. 

Moisturizing and brightening the skin. 

It contains only good ingredients that reduce the burden on the skin. 

Among many natural ingredients, the Korean dendropanax fermentation protects the skin healthy with excellent air bubbles and cleanliness. 

Betaine. Allantoin.Depropylene glycol.The Fennel.Artemisia ingredient is a mild cleanser that delivers a moisturizing feeling even after washing your face. 

Please note that the expiry date for this product is 13 March 2023.


$38.00 Regular Price
$11.00Sale Price
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