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Life Particle Meditation


A meditation book like no other, LifeParticle Meditation provides targeted visualization techniques for waking up your mind’s abilities and making the changes you want in your life. Rather than being dragged by life’s inevitable flow of change, the meditations and ideas in this book allow you to understand, manage, and direct that flow.


Join Ilchi Lee and thousands of other LifeParticle Meditation practitioners in using LifeParticles to experience profound healing and self-transformation.


Use it to:

・improve your health
・strengthen your relationships
・make better choices
・give and receive more love
・experience profound self-transformation
・manifest your dreams and desires
・help society and the planet


Based on a lifetime of meditation experience, with ex-amples from the realms of science and spirituality and stories from practitioners of LifeParticle Meditation around the world, Ilchi Lee opens up a new world of LifeParticles—a world of wonder, creativity, love, and peace.


  • Paperback

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