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Principles of Brain Management


Drawing from his world-renown Brain Education method, Ilchi Lee provides you with simple techniques, such as mindful walking, emotional renewal exercises, brain exercises, and basic stress management strategies, to release the brain’s creative and cognitive potential for total brain fitness.


This book will help you:


・Gain a sense of empowerment over your brain
・Understand the significance of your brain in your life
・Create more positive, life-affirming habits
・Unlock your brain’s true potential
・Live with a greater sense of hope and fulfillment
・Acclaimed author Ilchi Lee’s latest book, Principles of Brain Management, guides readers to taking control of their brains through five simple steps.


To start, Ilchi Lee deconstructs the myth that one can’t teach an old dog new tricks by providing scientific evidence that every human being’s brain has the ability to adapt to new environments and to learn, regardless of his or her age. But, like anything, if the brain isn’t used on a regular basis, it simply will not have the strength to adapt and to learn at any age. Ilchi Lee explains the five steps to managing one’s brain–Brain Sensitizing, Brain Versatilizing, Brain Refreshing, Brain Integrating, and Brain Mastering–using easily relatable anecdotes and illustrations.
The techniques that Ilchi Lee encourages readers to use, include breathing exercises, walking, stretching, and smiling, are simple actions that can be implemented by readers of any age. Ilchi Lee also offers a 21-day challenge to change bad habits and encourages readers to develop confidence in themselves in order to gain full control over their brains and to achieve their dreams.


  • Paperback

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