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The author of the thought-provoking book I've Decided to Live 120 Years and founder of Body & Brain Yoga demonstrates how mind and body training can help you upgrade your game and enjoy a lifetime of golf.

Do you watch endless golf videos on YouTube, spend hours grinding on the practice range, or pay for expensive lessons, but see limited improvement in your game?

Does your body limit the progress you can make, do you frequently find yourself filled with frustration on the course, or are you considering dropping golf because of your age?

Ilchi Lee, the renowned meditation expert who globalized Korea's ancient mind-body practice and who's also an avid golfer, suggests a completely new approach to help you transcend these common golfing problems. Rather than focusing on the latest swing techniques and tricks, enhance your mind and body connection. If you're looking to turn your golf knowledge into greater ability on the course, upgrading your mind and body connection is sure to bring results.

Learn golf qigong, golf meridian exercises, as well as breathing and meditation methods to help you develop a subtler, richer feel for your game along with greater strength and balance. Lee's captivating stories and proven mind-body techniques will inspire you to see a new way to play with greater fulfillment and less stress. You'll be surprised to discover how much this new perspective can change the way you swing a golf club, and how much more confident and gratified you'll feel doing it.

This book is for dedicated golfers who consider the sport a tool for lifelong self-development, rather than just a fun hobby. With captivating stories and proven mind-body techniques, The 100-Year Golfer helps you understand how to tap into the greater depth and potential of the golf game, now and for years to come.

The 100 Year Golfer

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