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How can you and I contribute to creating a more peaceful, sustainable world in these divided times? With an unwavering belief in the goodness of humankind, New York Times bestselling author Ilchi Lee gives a compelling answer to this question.

We are living in a very special time. We are enveloped in layers of problems―the pandemic, climate change, modern warfare, artificial intelligence―any one of which could drive humankind to a catastrophic end. What these various problems have in common is that they cannot be solved by any particular individual or group; they can only be solved when we all gather our strength together in solidarity.

Though there are many serious problems, there is just one solution for solving them, and it’s simple: harmonious coexistence, a way of life based on the bone-deep realization of every individual that "I myself, other people, and the earth are an inseparable oneness."

Coexistence is not one of many approaches to living. It is the only way we can sustain life for long. More than any new technology or infrastructure, we desperately need this understanding and attitude to achieve a viable planet.

The foundation of this book is the belief that the human mind has the inherent ability to make coexistence possible. Finding this ability hidden within us and learning how to use it is a new art we can pursue and develop.

In The Art of Coexistence, Ilchi Lee, in collaboration with Steve Kim, details the core concepts and principles of this art, as well as practical methods for making use of them. Examining the societal, educational, and spiritual changes we need to establish true coexistence, Lee and Kim lay the philosophical groundwork to build a better world―starting today.

The Art of Coexistence

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