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The Twelve Enlightenments for Healing Society


In The Twelve Enlightenments for Healing Society, author Ilchi Lee shows readers how to become what he calls “Enlightened Activists” and push past the artificial boundaries of institutions that prevent us from realizing we are all members of the human society, or Earth Humans. “What we need now is an Earth-encompassing awareness. Loving Earth means that you recognize yourself as a member of the Earth community,” says Lee.


Only when you have achieved an active enlightenment can you start to aid and even heal humanity, Lee explains. And he takes the reader on a journey towards that enlightenment through twelve practical yet spiritual steps. From meditation to healing; from the heart to the brain; to appreciating God as an object of use – these are just a few of Ilchi Lee’s remarkable new principles of social enlightenment.


Changing our perspective from the individual, the single religion, or separate nation to a global awareness is not a futuristic goal, the author assures us. “The Earth-Human is no longer a conceptual idea—it is already our reality.”


  •  Hardcover

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