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 Wooden Pillow


The Wooden Pillow is a self-massage tool to help you get fast relief from pain and tension along your spine, especially in your neck and shoulders. The neck, shoulders, and the back of the head are the first areas to tense up when you’re under stress. By using the Wooden Pillow in that area, you can effectively target your body’s energy points and meridians (energy channels) to relieve any stress, pain, and tension that you hold there. The Wooden Pillow is used under your neck while gently rocking your head side to side. You’ll feel your muscles relaxing and vertebrae coming back into proper alignment as you comfortable exhale your tension away.


Wooden Pillow Benefits
・Relieves tension in the neck and shoulders
・Eases painful headaches
・Reduces stress
・Realigns the vertebrae
・Improves sleep through the night
・Promotes proper energy circulation
・Can be used to massage the intestines for better digestion
・Can be used as a foot massager


  • Wooden Pillow Benefits & Exercises

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