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Earth Village had the privilege of hosting 10 attendees on a ‘Be Our Reviewer’ Earth Village Forest & Healing Energy weekend Retreat in August. Our guests travelled from as far as Tauranga and as close as Kaikohe.

Mother Nature showered us with all the elements and ensured we experienced an amazing roller coaster of weather conditions, in fact, the wind was so strong that our solar panels were damaged only a few hours prior to our guest’s arrival. While we were able to get an electrician in to check on it, our power source was rendered not reliable. Some quick thinking enabled us to accommodate everyone at the Haruru Falls Motel & Conference Venue.

We decided to continue on with our plan to conduct our Meet and Greet at Earth Village which was performed by candle light and then headed out to Haruru where the waterfall I am certain helped all our guests to get a good night’s sleep.

The next morning, they woke bright and early to an amazing waterfront vista but no breakfast as unfortunately Koro forgot to pick it up. Luckily, Eda was still in Kerikeri and breakfast arrived in no time. So, after breakfast and a few laughs it has to be said we set off out to Earth Village where our guests visited our River Walk Track and our Bird of Soul Garden Meditation Platform. After a delicious lunch prepared by Katie from the Tee Tree café the team headed out to our signature 120 Steps Walking Track.

This day was all about connecting with Mother Earth and opening our senses to the energy around us. After some meditation we slowly ascended the 120 Steps reflecting on our past and imagining our future plans. After a sharing session we headed back to dinner and chilled out a little in the cabins. Thankfully David managed to get the power working for the few hours that we were there.

Just as we thought the day had come to an end it was back in the van and time to enjoy a Night Hot Sauna & Cold Tub experience. The stars were out and the night sounds were playing their melodies as our guests sunk into a cocoon of sense-awakening heat and cold. The benefits of a ‘hot sauna cold plunge’ include improved blood flow, inflammation help, soreness recovery, rejuvenates skin and detoxifying power.

At the end of a long but rewarding day we all made our way back to our base in Haruru for some well-deserved shut eye.

The next morning, we woke albeit a little later to the most gorgeous weather. That rollercoaster ride just kept giving. The team engaged in some morning Qigong with Master Choi and finished our morning with a Brain Education session delivered by Master Sooah.

What a weekend. We would like to thank all our Reviewers for being amazing and understanding participants. Despite the elements a productive and beneficial weekend was enjoyed by everyone. Thank you for all the amazing feedback and for sharing your experiences.

One of our guests, sent us some feedback saying that her energy had been reset to a much more positive frequency. We thought this was a very cool description of how her weekend at Earth Village impacted on her.

We were so lucky to host another group of wonderful people at Earth Village.

Haruru Falls Motel & Conference Venue Home – Haruru Falls is set amongst 5 hectares of gardens and grounds, situated on the edge of the Waitangi River opposite the Haruru Waterfalls and only a 5-minute drive from Paihia and Waitangi.

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