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Earth Village held a Community Open Day to celebrate its 6th anniversary.

We were very happy to welcome 35 locals. After conducting an introduction and health and safety briefing we set off by foot to the Bird of Soul Garden meditation platform to engage in some Brain Education training. Our guests experienced deep breathing while enjoying doing mindfulness exercises. Even though this had been the first time that many of our visitors had participated in this type of training it appeared that everyone enjoyed the opportunity.

After completing our training, we made our way to the Chun Hwa Falls and River Walk. It was here that while surrounded by nature we enjoyed some time to meditate. What an amazing experience it was with the sound of water running in the background.

We moved from this track to the Earth Village Cabin Area and Greenhouse courtesy of a new trail. We stopped along the way to talk about the Hwangchil plant, a medicinal plant that we are growing onsite. At the Earth Village Cabin Area and Greenhouse we enjoyed lunch and and an opportunity to share our thoughts and feedback.

We can’t wait to host more Open Days and invite more locals in to connect with Earth Village and our vision.

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