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We did our fifth Earth Walk on July 6th, and the day became one full of gratitude.

With the sacred energy of the Earth Village, we put all our worries down and sought to regain 100 percent of our natural self.

The natural healing power of the forest around us was easily felt through all the senses of the whole body as we walked through the Earth Village.

We received Heaven’s energy through Qi-gong training and purified our body while opening up to sensing new energy.

Walking gratefully up the 120 steps, we recovered balance to the zero point and planned for a new and more energised life, slowly and deeply clearing the extraneous thoughts from our mind through natural meditation.

Throughout all of our time in Earth Village, we found ourselves just breathing in the natural energy that surrounded us.

We appreciate the members who came to spend this wonderful time together.

So far, about 120 members have joined us on our one day walk tour, and they have received so much inspiration there. We hope you come visit us some day too.

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