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The second Body & Brain marae workshop was held again at Te Turuki Marae in Waikare, on 22nd and 23rd June. Although there was a smaller group there of 12 participants, the event was again thoroughly enjoyed by all participants. One participant noted that she particularly enjoyed “the merging of cultures” at the workshop.

The first morning included learning more about the principles of Brain Education with Master Choi, and qigong sequences with Master Sean. One feature that amazes some participants is that even though their physical fitness may be lacking, they can push further with Body & Brain practices than they would normally. No one is too unfit – they just all work at their own pace, learning to reconnect body and brain through focused practice. On Saturday night participants learned self-healing techniques and techniques that can be used on others, including BHP and tapping. As another participant said “I am more conscious of what I am doing for myself. I find myself consciously breathing in and breathing out – often I am aware I am moving myself, stretching and opening up areas of my body, especially my chest and clearing my lungs.”

Ilchi Lee wrote in Meditation Wisdoms (2015) that we should all “[h]ave a dream. Life is not to be lived according to a set mould. Life is something you invent yourself, following an inner voice.” Participants at the workshop were encouraged to dream, and seek answers to questions such as ‘what is it you really want for you life?’ It is so important to seek the answers to these questions. The answers may connect you to your family, your community, your culture. Or they may connect you to the wider world, to nature, to the heavens. Find your heart’s passion and dream your dream. Believe in it. Believe in you. And together we can dream into being a world of health, happiness, and peace. The next marae workshop will be held on August 24th to 25th, at Whitiora Marae, Te Tii, and will be hosted by the Ngāti Rehia people. A major feature of this workshop will be a presentation by Ilchi Lee at 2pm on the 24th. Ilchi Lee will present his new book, ‘Connect: How to Find Clarity and Expand Consciousness’ and guide participants in qi-gong meditation to strengthen their connection between body and brain. Cost for the weekend workshop will be $40, or $20 if you want to attend the lecture only. Nau mai, haere mai!

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